We have over 40 different smells to choose from! 

Custom orders are available for candle quantities over 25. We have an almost unlimited selection of scents available for custom orders. 

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Available Candle Scents:

1. Hot Apple Pie- This scent is perfect for a cozy fall day. It smells like freshly baked apple pie with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. It’s the perfect candle to fool your guests into thinking you’re a professional baker! 

2. Pumpkin Pie- Mmm this is just a fall classic. It combines notes of whipped cream, crust, cinnamon, spice & everything nice to create the perfect pumpkin pie candle. It is a holiday must-have. 

3. Lemon Pound Cake- This delicious lemon candle is great for any time of the year. It is a sweet candle combining hints of cake batter, freshly squeezed lemon, and fluffy frosting for a perfect mix. 

4. Apples and Maple Bourbon- An apple candle with a slight hint of a warm, smoky bourbon topped off with the sweet smell of a thick maple syrup. This one is sure to make any room smell scrumptious! 

5. Blueberry Cheesecake- Imagine a ripe blueberry drizzle over a rich, creamy cheesecake with a crunchy, buttery crust and you will smell this candle. It is perfect for the blueberry lover in your life. 

6. Snicker doodle- Snicker doodle is yet another fall classic! It bundles together baking spices like nutmeg and cinnamon with the delicious cookie treat! 

7. Chocolate Cake- This candle smells just like chocolate cake batter. Its sweet combination of cocoa and sugar make it the ideal candle for any chocolate lover. 

8. Apple Cider- A hot, spiced apple cider is a great start (or end!) to any day. Now you can make your entire room smell like this delicious drink. 

9. Frosty Cocoa- A frothy cup of hot chocolate is what makes a snow day! With this candle you can smell the whipped cream, chocolate, and smooth milky scent any time you light it. 

10. Egg Nog- This candle smells just like the cinnamon, spiced holiday drink we all love! 

11. Pumpkin Chai- A perfect fall drink scent that smells just like pumpkin spice!

12. Juicy Watermelon- This fresh watermelon candle smells just as it is named. Once you light it, the crisp and sweet smell of delicious summer watermelon will fill any room.  

13. Watermelon Patch- This is a different smell then our "Juicy Watermelon" candle. It has an earthy hint and is far less sweet when compared to the other one. Some people describe this watermelon scent as smelling just like watermelon gum! 

14. Vanilla Bean- This vanilla candle has a rich, deep vanilla scent. It is our "hard core" vanilla candle that is sure to impress any vanilla lover. 

15. Very Vanilla- On the other hand, this vanilla candle is has more of a soft, soothing, relaxing scent when lit. It will give any room the subtle hint of sweet vanilla. 

16. Peppercorn Pomander- A candle that is full of citrus, cider, and fall! This is one of our favorites that is definitely underrated. It combines sweet scents of cinnamon and apple with subtle hints of vanilla and orange.   

17. Cotton Candy- A sweet candle that is our best selling scent! It smells just like the classic pink and blue sugar spun candy on a stick. 

18. Fresh Coffee- This is a warm, delightful candle scent that smells just like a fresh cup of joe.  

19. I can’t Espresso how much you Bean to Me- This delicious candle smells like a cup of espresso with a hint of cinnamon and cream. Its the perfect gift for your BFF or coffee lover in your life. 

20. You’re a Fineapple- A scent that is the perfect gift for anyone you care about (or who loves the sweet, fresh scent of pineapple!). 

21. Pineapple and Sage- This scent combines just the right amounts of Pineapple and the natural spice Sage to create an amazing candle. It's fresh scent is sure to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. 

22. Coconut with a hint of Vanilla- This is a relaxing pairing of two great scents. It is perfect to light after a long with the sweet smell of Coconut and subtle hint of Vanilla. 

23. Piña Colada- With a candle that smells just like fresh pineapple and sweet coconut you can never go wrong! 

24. Strawberry Fields- fresh strawberry, leaves

25. Wassail- Cinnamon, Cider, Spice

26. Citronella- Bug repellent

27. Rosemary Sage- Herbs

28. White Tea- Berry, Tea, Herbs

29. Banana Nut Bread- Fresh loaf of banana bread

30. Grapefruit and Mint- grapefruit and mint

31. Orange Blossom- floral, orange

32. Ocean Breeze- sea mist

33. Blood Orange- orange rich

34. Cactus Flower & Jade- floral, leaves, fresh

35. Christmas Tree- cedar, pine,

36. Christmas Harth- pine, citrus, tree

37. Blue Spruce- tree

38. Fraser Fir- tree

39. Peppermint Mocha- Coffee, Peppermint 

40. Cinnamon Roll- Sugar, Spice, Vanilla